Spendgo Partner Program

We’ve had tremendous success with our modular and scalable customer engagement platform. A core part of our success is having great partnerships.

Now you can become a partner too! The best part of our program is we move at your pace and you don’t need any engineering to get started!

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Industry Leading Results

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4,000+ Members Per Store

Acquiring customers online costs as much as $4-$7 per person. Spendgo regularly signs up 4k+ members in less than a year providing immediate savings of $28,000 in advertising costs per store.

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92% of Rewards are Redeemed

A great guest experience is key. On average 92% of Spendgo rewards are used whereas the industry average is 60%. That means 50% more customers make an extra visit thanks to Spendgo.

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65% of Sales Go Through Spendgo

Follow our best practices and brands will regularly see 65% of their sales attributed to their loyal customers. Our in-store and online solutions give brands greater reach than any other platform.

Works For Any Business Type
A Proven Multi-Industry Platform

No matter the type of business you work with, Spendgo’s marketing tools provide the critical functionality they need. You can select from a menu of available solutions and integrations which best fit the needs of your clients.

Quick Service
Table Service
Coffee Shops
Event + Venues
Specialty Stores
Gyms & Studios

Scalable For Any Organization Size
Optimized For Your Customers

With built in product tiers and managed access control (role based security), Spendgo configures its dashboard and services to meet your customer’s needs. Our in house team is also able to provide services such as engineering, design, strategy, customer support, IT support, reporting, and more.

Indepedent Businesses
Small Chains
Emerging Brands
Franchise Organizations

Choose The Right Partnership For Your Business

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Refer Businesses

Introduce a restaurant or retailer and earn as much as $5,000 for each business that signs up.


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Resell Spendgo

Earn recurring revenue and build long term value when you become a reseller.


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Become a Services Partner

Provide value added services such as design, strategy, custom development, and support to Spendgo clients.


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Become an Integration Partner

Integrate your solution with Spendgo or incorporate Spendgo into your core product offering.

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