Welcome to Spendgo!

Hello and welcome to our very first blog post! We’re going to use this space to talk about all kinds of things, from discussing our awesome products to office life here at Spendgo to hanging out at a startup in San Francisco. We’ll even talk about how cool our Spendgo family is, movements within the industry, what we’ve learned so far and much, much more.

For our first blog topic, we’re going to introduce you to what we do here at Spendgo and why we do it (and why it’s so awesome). Right now, you probably have a few loyalty cards floating around in your enormously overstuffed wallet. These cards probably say things like, “Buy 9 get the 10th free!” or “7 stamps for a free carwash!” If you’re anything like us, those loyalty cards have around 2-3 punches in them before they are forgotten about or lost forever in the abyss of mysterious wallet space.

Well, we were pretty tired of missing out on rewards because of loyalty programs that were only contributing to the wallet obesity epidemic, so we went on a mission to help our favorite brands create a better customer experience. Spendgo saves all of those hard earned rewards points and receipts digitally, so you never miss out on a free smoothie or sandwich ever again. Thanks to our ridiculously cool developers, Spendgo is hands down the easiest and best way to make every dollar you spend go further. We’re in merchant stores across five states right now and expanding insanely rapidly. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!