The Team That Eats Together, Stays Together

The sky is blue. The sun sets in the west. And Spendsetters love to eat. Just stating the facts.

True, everyone needs to eat, but we choose to do it together. Doesn’t sound like much, we know, but if you think about it, it’s actually a good sign for a lean startup like ours. In rare instances like an unforeseen fire drill, will you find someone eating at their desk, working through their lunch hour. On most days though, just before noon, someone will inevitably gopher up from their desk and initiate the million dollar question “Where to for lunch?” And no matter which establishment we’re patrons of, we find ourselves choosing to bring food back to the office and eat together at the communal kitchen table. Over sandwiches, burritos or Jamba Juice, we catch up on important matters. World Cup upsets. Weekend plans. Who’s going to be the commissioner of our Fantasy Football league?

Everyday at Spendgo I have the opportunity to try my hand at everything from sales to operations to support, so my days are always new and exciting. Plus, the people here are pretty awesome. – Jordan
— Jordan

About a week ago, our love of food was put to a creative challenge. In celebration of America’s birthday, everyone was tasked to bring in one “appropriately American food” choice as their contribution to the potluck.

The smell of hot dogs grilling on a griddle wafted through the air.

Thirsts were quenched with plenty of America’s finest beer.


And someone brought a block of cheese.

Spendsetters stayed long after the food and drink dwindled, catching up and laughing with others.

Everyone within Spendgo has got great chemistry with one another, which is awesome. It’s much easier to enjoy your work when you enjoy the environment. Also, there’s pudding.
— Tommy

And as much as food brings us together, working at Spendgo with other smart, like-minded individuals is what fulfills us.

As cliche as it sounds, working in a startup is the ultimate work environment: collaborative, flexible, and exciting. You learn something new every day and you are constantly challenging yourself. I don’t sit in a cubicle, wearing a cheap suit, counting hours waiting to go home everyday. Startups are fun and we drink (cheap) beer.
— Mark

If any of this sounds appealing to you at all, check out our careers page and drop us a line. We’re always looking to add more talented people to our growing team. We’d love to hear from you, pudding-lover or not.