Balancing Functionality and Security

Target, Neiman Marcus, Michaels, Sally Beauty Supply and now presumably P.F. Chang’s are all victims of customer credit card data being stolen directly from their POS. Following PCI compliance; and making sure you have up-to-date software patches and anti-virus software are all necessary steps to protect your store IT infrastructure. But it ultimately comes down to eliminating security risk points. Most vendors will tell you this is inevitably the hardest part of deploying a solution today. Virtually every solution requires sign-off from IT and security departments and understandably so. No one wants to be the guy who was responsible for the security loophole, but that often comes at the detriment of new functionality which could be a difference maker for the business.

Photo: The New York Times

Photo: The New York Times

So how to get around this problem? How do we deliver functionality that relies on POS data without exposing even more risks for potentially stolen payment data?

We know the answer to be simple: Don’t touch the POS.

Using the Spendgo Transaction LinkTM this not only means that we can capture all transaction data in real-time from any POS system, but we’re also able to do it in a passive and secure manner via your POS printer. We do not require any additional software and never have to flow data back into your POS other than what is sent to the printer.

This is a great opportunity for Spendgo and our customers, and with extensive APIs, other solution providers are now able to deliver data-driven features securely. Loyalty programs, personalized marketing communications, online ordering, digital receipts, paperless coupons, reporting, and many more features are made available with a single and secure POS integration.