1 Million Member Sign-Ups and Counting

Cheers all around! Earlier this week, Spendgo passed 1 million member sign-ups and we couldn’t be more proud. We’ve always known that our loyalty offering is the best solution to improve people’s buying experience. And now we’re ecstatic to see that consumers are embracing the Spendgo platform too. (A special shout out to our millionth customer out of Wauwatosa, WI! Love your cheese, man.)

Maybe you’ve never heard of us until now. Maybe you’re reading this post because your spouse works at the company. It’s all good. Either way, it’s about time we share some background on what we’ve been working on these past few months since we launched our last loyalty program with our national enterprise partner, Jamba Juice.

  • With over 1M member sign-ups and counting, Spendgo is the fastest-growing customer experience platform bringing the benefits of personalized buying to both merchants and consumers.
  • We’ve processed close to $250M transactions to date.
  • We’re currently averaging a sign-up rate of 4-6 users a minute.
  • Just in the last week, Spendgo transactions captured approximately $11M in data alone.
  • Also in the last week, people redeemed $62K worth of Spendgo rewards with an 85% redemption rate.

This has been a milestone week for the team here and a great time to be at Spendgo. So get excited, all. We have absolutely no intention of slowing down. Two million, we’re coming for you.