The Spendgo Solution to Digital Marketing

Email and SMS/MMS marketing channels are known to be cost-effective forms of digital marketing. But did you know that adding personalized product recommendations can increase sales conversion rates by 15-25%? And the speed in which people act upon an SMS is astounding – 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of delivery. This creates a huge opportunity to reach customers outside the traditional in-store experience.

The Spendgo Advantage

By cutting out all the fluff metrics, Spendgo is able to get to the bottom line and target sales conversions. Spendgo-powered loyalty programs average an SMS opt-in rate of over 30% and email opt-in at 97%, adding significant long-term value to your member database. Whether you’re sending email or SMS communication from our platform or through a third party, we integrate seamlessly and provide the tools to maximize marketing returns on any budget.

Using the Spendgo analytics platform, you will be able to better market to your customers, drive your loyalty program, and effectively measure your ROI with:

  • Member segmentation – frequency, favorite products, demographics, etc.
  • Content marketing – 10 tips on eating healthy, recipes for the holidays, etc.
  • Sales conversion metrics – time to sale, average ticket, etc. 
  • Digital offer redemption – redeemed offer at the point of sale

The Spendgo Technology

Measuring actual sales conversions on any type of campaign (promotions, loyalty, new products, announcements, etc.) is a marketer’s Holy Grail. Fortunately, Spendgo does just this; our ability to attribute line-item transaction spend to individual customers allows our clients to segment and sidestep the traditionally wasteful spray and pray technique. With Spendgo, you’ll know exactly how quickly your audience responds to your messaging and how much they spend because of it.

On top of being the fastest-growing loyalty platform today, we’ve added this high-value function to your digital marketing campaigns to effectively measure ROI and generate real sales conversions. Email and SMS/MMS digital marketing is not going anywhere anytime soon, so what are you waiting for? Contact us today.