The Era of Data-Driven Marketing: How To Make It Work For You

Data is important. Scratch that. Data is essential. In the context of loyalty and rewards programs, data is imperative – the life source of running and maintaining a successful program. Marketers today face a huge problem with a lack of actionable, clean data, making it difficult to segment and reward customers accordingly.

Understanding this need to aggregate actionable data insights, our user-friendly and comprehensive e-reports have been built out to provide you with powerful metrics into your customer base. Data gathered with each report helps you determine how to more effectively market to your customers and encourage their continued loyalty with your brand. Our reporting suite includes four standard reports generated daily, weekly, and monthly: Account Analytics, Individual Store Analytics, Campaign Report, and Workforce Analytics.

Account Analytics

Whether you own five locations or 100 locations, this report provides an overview of how your customers are engaging with your loyalty program. With metrics broken down by user loyalty status, evaluate and compare store performance to strategize campaign targets and drive adoption at weaker performing locations. Hold competitions among stores within your franchise or corporate group to strengthen user numbers and further foster employee participation.

Individual Store Analytics

This report breaks down each individual store, for a much more granular view of how your loyalty program is performing. Understand specific stores with metrics such as user adoption, reward redemption, and overall ticket average. Compare to the prior month’s metrics to measure growth and continuously improve numbers at each location through campaign creation and employee advocacy of your loyalty program. Set goals based off of the prior month’s data to increase usage, account activation, and ticket average. Store managers can leverage this report to understand how the program is progressing in order to successfully market to and retain customers.

Campaign Report

Whether you run an email, SMS, offer, or store-level incentive, this report measures how effective that campaign was with the data that truly matters – sales conversions. With each campaign, determine your KPIs and our team will gather the metrics necessary to measure campaign success. Data for this report is gathered prior to the campaign being run, during the campaign, and following the conclusion of the campaign, to give you a 360 view of your campaign successes. Our team of experts will help you setup your campaign and provide this comprehensive report for analysis.

Workforce Analytics

The Workforce Analytics report gathers extensive customer metrics specific to each employee and store location. Leverage this report to see how effective each employee is at promoting various campaigns and create competitions encouraging them to further drive sales. Understand what your customers respond to best via gathered metrics and encourage your team to adopt the highest performing employee’s approach. Continuously improve your employee and customer participation to see high levels of engagement.

And if you’re looking for metrics not covered in our base reporting, we’ll work closely with your team to create customized reports to acutely measure all your campaigns.

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