A Complete Guide to the New Fan Experience

These days, going to a game isn’t just about your team winning anymore. Instead, it’s an all-encompassing fan experience that includes arriving at the stadium, tailgating festivities, getting food, drinks, and team swag, waiting in line for the bathroom, and of course, watching your team play.

In today’s high tech world, the conversations heard around a stadium are drastically different from 10, even 5 years ago. With the launch of Facebook in 2004, Twitter in 2006, and Instagram in 2010, our fixation with social media has saturated the market with different twists on sharing content. A typical game day experience includes conversations about poor cell service, insufficient Wi-Fi, and the painstaking inability to post updates and share statuses on social media. To keep up and stay relevant, organizations have had to implement serious tech upgrades to accommodate the changing game day experience. Plus, be honest, who doesn’t want to boast (at least a little) that they’re at the game and everyone else isn’t?

Just look at Levi’s Stadium in the heart of Silicon Valley, currently the most high-tech stadium in the world. Designed with the Silicon Valley tech nerds in mind (ourselves included), Levi’s opened in July 2014 with over 400 miles of cabling, 1,200 access points, and over 40 Gb/s of Internet capacity. To put that into perspective, it means 70,000+ attendees can all connect to the Internet at the same time without running into network overload issues. Plus, there’s even a tablet app which locates the bathroom with the shortest line or the parking lot entrance closest to your seats. Talk about some serious game day convenience!

This increase in direct connectivity with fans means that teams can boost revenue at differing touch points for the duration of the game, including downtime like halftime or in between innings. Bored between quarters? Play interactive games with other fans or enjoy team trivia for chances to win game day prizes. Don’t like your nosebleed seats? In just a few clicks, upgrade to better seats, walk down, show your upgrade confirmation on your phone, and enjoy the better view. With so many people plugged in at all times, it’s no wonder teams are racing to stay connected in order to deliver more personalized services and experiences. Plus, the more fans stay connected, the more likely they are to share (and the more data insights marketers can gather).

For us here at Spendgo, we’re embracing this changing fan experience and view it as a great opportunity to get to know your already diehard fans, as well as engage them with more personalized experiences. One of the main benefits of a loyalty program like ours is that it has the flexibility to reach many different tiers of fans. With your diehard fans, loyalty is obviously not an issue – you know they’ll be there until the end (red and gold for life, baby!). Leverage this dedication and reward them as being your biggest advocates with team swag or exclusive access opportunities. For everyone else, it’s about being able to engage them in the conversation and further drive sales. With Spendgo, whether you’re a local business or kiosk within the stadium, providing cross-vendor promotions is a great way to introduce or call attention to each of your businesses. Why not enjoy a free garlic fries reward after purchasing a jersey from the clubhouse store. If a customer has 5 points until their next reward, drive them to reach it and reward them instantly or allow them to save it until the next game. Acquire new members through social sharing and even sharing rewards with friends to elevate the game experience and your brand. Not only have you made season ticket holders feel important, but you’ve just created one more loyal fan who will remember your generosity.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to upgrade, reward your fans, and win (both on and off the field)!