Top 5 April Fool’s Jokes (from Companies)

1. Amazon Circa 1999

Ahh! What time-warp 1999 website is this? The threat of not easily finding Prime goods was the second worst thing, after the scare of dial-up connection returning. Touchè Amazon, touchè.


2. Tesco Trampoline Shopping Aisles

We’re all for bouncing your way to loyalty rewards. Maybe they’ll have extra points on the top shelves.


3. Domi-No-Driver

“The World’s First Auto-Nom-Nom-Nom-Ous Delivery Vehicle” Need we say more? Check out the #DomiNoDriver spotting out in the UK here.


4. Petco’s Pet Selfie Stick

This unfortunately is a joke. Adding a treat at the end of the stick will capture some purrific shots. Someone’s Instagram is about to blow up! Check it out here.


5. Volvo Personal Airbags

Volvo Car Japan released a video of their new personal airbags — providing protection to those #TextingWhileWalking and oncoming collisions with people or that parking meter that came out of nowhere is frequent. Watch it here.